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Hear! Hear! Camping does suck.


Just saw Into the Wild, which makes your point nicely.


Is this the first time ever that you, Daby, and I all agree on the same issue?  I think it might be.


I know. Crazy. It helps that this isn't so much an opinion as it is a statement of fact. I love to argue and all, but there just isn't a reasonable defense to sleeping in tents for recreation. 


But didn't your appreciation of your forefathers' accomplishments grow after you suffered without civilization's niceties for a few days?  To quote the unnamed dad in Calvin & Hobbes, "Camping builds character."


Finally, someone broaches camping's "Big Lie."

Like all Big Lies, the notion that "camping builds character" is built around a small truth. To wit, camping is indeed one of many things that can build character. That's because, in this life, what really builds character is suffering.

Living through a civil war builds character. Fighting off a deadly disease builds character. Rebuilding one's life after a painful breakup builds character. And finally, yes, camping builds character.

Civil wars, deadly diseases, painful breakups and camping all share something else in common: they all suck.

Cap'n Crook

If I had the ol' gun to my head with the two options of camping or attending a Michael Huckabee rally, these would be my choices:

1.) Attend the Huckabee rally (I get to laugh at primates.)

2.) Pull the fucking trigger

3.) Camping


I don't like camping, but I like pooping in the woods.


I love that your revelation came from inconvenient access to a toilet.  And you weren't even camping, seeing as how tents do not have porches off of which to pee. 


My revelation has been percolating for some time. I didn't even mind the eco-retreat. It just gave me time to ponder the meaning of life...and the utter suckiness of camping. 


I think I am going to perform "Big Hard Sun" at KttD in honor of your anti-Thoreau experience.


Yet another thing to look forward to at the greatest sporting event on earth. 

Emma Peel

[this is good] Please. Like you camp Jason P. What bothers me about campers is the moral high ground people who camp think they can take. They make you feel like there's a layer between you and the world if you don't enjoy taking a shit in the woods. And you know what I say? I no longer camp out of respect for the animals. You don't see them running around in our bars and restaurants on the weekends. Similarly, I've agreed not to disturb their space in my free time.

Also, I lived through a particularly horrifying camping experience in the winter of 2005. Remember the part of Empire where Han goes looking for Luke on Hoth? Take it a click up from there. Yeah. I lived through that. I know what I'm talking about with camping.


I feel your pain. That is to say, I don't actually, and I hope I never do, because camping siznucks. I guess it was a lot to hope for that a bunch of hipster bloggers would come out in favor of camping. I appreciate Jason P for giving it a shot though. 


Chalk it up to the Contrarian in me for taking the other side of the argument.  I have "camped" exactly three times:

1) 1986 - Black River, Missouri.  At 9, life doesn't get much better than eating hot dogs for four days and pissing wherever you please.
2) 1989 - Patrol Camp.  Need I go on?
3) 2007 - a tent in the backyard of an overcrowded home on the Potomac.  All bowel movements occurred indoors.


You guys have some effed up Freudian thing going on with your obsession with shitting and peeing. 

I happen to like camping, and I couldn't say exactly why, but it has nothing to do with shitting outside.  In fact, I really don't like that aspect of it.  I do like sleeping under the stars, hearing the wind in the trees while I'm drifting off to sleep, and I really love the crisp, quiet mornings.

I will admit that we're camp stove people, and we bring along the french press, fresh coffee grounds, and we even have a stove top milk frother so we can have lattes.  So, you might like camping with us.  :)  We also make pancakes.


Not wanting to poop in the hole in the woods has nothing to do with Freud and everything to do with not wanting to poop in a hole.


Seriously. I think it was Freud himself who said "sometimes a poop in the woods is just a poop in the woods." And as much as I love coffee and pancakes, I can eat them at home, or at a nice restaurant, or at a friends house. Or even outside, if the mood takes me. 

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