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Emma Peel

[this is good] I don't have a lot to say here, except beautifully written post. Send this into WahPo or something...

Soo Doh Nim

I was thinking the same thing.


Aww shucks. As a soulless corporate raider, I'm awfully thankful that I still have an outlet for writing about feelings and stuff, and at least a couple people to read said writings.


[this is good] I missed this somehow last week.  But I second - or third - the accolades of previous commentors.  And as a fellow football fan I appreciate both the anecdote and the follow-up "Now I realize that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for a football fan, it's poetry..."  Great stuff.

I, too, was a little taken aback by how affected I was by Sean Taylor's tragic death.  Maybe because he was on of the few bright spots on the team.  I never would admit it if he was still alive, but Taylor had Hall of Fame potential, and - like you said - he did make poetry.  His poetry wasn't for everyone, but it was poetry all the same.  I talked a lot of shit about Sean Taylor over the past four years, partly because you are delusional if you really believe he was a better safety than Troy Polamalu, but mainly because I would have liked to see him in black and gold.

Listing Taylor as the starter and taking the field on the first defensive play with only ten men was a classy move.  This past weekend was the first time all year I was rooting for the Redskins.  It's a shame "Saint" Joe had to fuck up the ending for them.


Oh, and my personal favorite Sean Taylor moment was him flattening the Bills' punter in the Pro Bowl.


I had heard the punter story, but never seen the link. Best early Christmas present ever.

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