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Nicely done. I am sure the lack of soaring music and dramatic jump cuts is because saving lives is everyday work for Superheroes. Now if he had a nuclear warhead stuck in his throat, there totally would been all that pomp and circumstance.


I'd like to think that if I were in your shoes, I, too, would save Ydnar's life before thinking too much about it.

Emma Peel

All the ladies of the world should be thanking Daby for saving the life of one of the best looking dudes to walk the face.


In first grade, I choked on a marble. It was pre-Heimlich. (I think it made it to the vox populi the following year). It was dicey for awhile. I'll never forget it.

Despite all of the other politically terrible things the Heimlichs did in Cincinnati, bringing us the maneuver probably makes up for all of that and then some.

Bravo! And long live the bagel dog. And Ydnar.


Emma: That's just what his ego needs.

Vanna: I never connected the Heimlich to an actual person. Now I'm curious.


Dave: Thanks again. For saving me life. Let's get together again on the west coast and have a What Up Dog for old times.

Emma: Who?


[this is good] oh my. thank you for saving his life. I would have hated to read about Randy's premature demise, but especially by hot dog! 


I know you'd do it for me. But I don't want you eating bagel dogs unless you're with someone who's up on all the latest first aid...


I’ve been sticking to pre-sliced bagels, taking small bites and chewing thoroughly.


I'm a couple years late to this post, but I would like to congratulate you for your steady nerve and quick-thinking.  We all end up dying eventually, but no one deserves to choke to death on a bagel dog.


I actually can think of a few people for whom it would be a fitting end, and a few others for whom it would be too kind. Ydnar, however, is in neither of those camps, so I'm glad I pulled him back from the brink. 

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