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Oh, don't worry about it. You suck plenty.

Cap'n Crook

Hey, if we were judging by audio alone, Dabysan would've won. But again, he looked like he was taking pleasure in destroying that song about carrying around someone with spina bifida. 


I like to think that Daby's suckitude goes beyond the KttD arena.


It's this kind of unstinting support from my friends and well wishers that's going to carry me through this difficult time.


Daby, I don't say this enough, but if you ever, ever, ever need someone to tell you that you suck, I'm there for you.


Maybe there should be two categories of competitors next year.  Those that can kinda sing but do so badly, and those that just can't sing at all.  It's a thought.  I'd jump on that train.


I look forward to future KttD commentaries from Daby prceded by the phrase "In the juiced-ball era of KttD..."


It's a nice thought, but no. KttD's derives its irreproachable purity from the fact that there's one winner and a lot of losers. 


Totally the juiced-ball era. I'm out there in flannel, drinking beers in the dugout, and these guys are snorting elephant steroids and swinging aluminum bats. 


Seriously.  This isn't tee-ball.  The best thing is there are a lot of losers, but really the winner is a loser too.  THAT'S the true spirit of KttD.

Emma Peel

[this is good] "musical abortion." Also the bit about the haze of miller lights. Good one, sir.

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