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[this is good] Well, if it has done nothing else, world travel has enlivened your blog postings.  Very vicariously entertaining.  Is it hot?


Dude, it's November. KNOCK IT OFF already.

Also, the only thing better than pyramids and camels is probably flying saucers and robots.


You nevermind the bad lady.  Keep your eye on the pie.

It really is a shame you're not around this week for all the woe is me navel gazing that is bound to come out of tonight's fiasco.  Did you have to run all the way to Egypt to escape the inevitable, though?  You could have just gone to - I don't know - New York or something.

Don't worry.I'll clip all the best articles for you to read when you get back.


Not that bad actually. Warm certainly, but this is apparently a good season to come...and it's a dry heat. 

Emma Peel

What's been the reaction there re: Obama?


I was sitting at a blackjack table last night, and after trying to engage me in Arabic, the dealer asked  "where are you from?"

I told him and he asked "McCain or Obama?"

I said Obama and he gave me a big thumbs-up. Otherwise, kinda quiet here. I am bringing home an Egyptian newspaper about it though.

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