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Are they singing some sort of Amazing Grace mashup?


They would appear to be. There's also some rap in there. And break dancing. 


What do the toilets actually do?  I mean besides the obvious.  All of those buttons must mean something.  Did you ever figure it out?

Cloudy J

Those toilets look way too complicated. I mean, I'm all for techy gadgets but I really just want to be able to pee, flush, and go. I don't want to make decisions about what buttons to push as part of my bathroom experience.


I'm with you, and I couldn't get the seat heater to turn off, so I was stuck with the vaguely unsettling feeling of having my rear end cooked a couple times. Some things aren't improved by technology. 


One of them is the button for the bidet, by the looks of the markings, but I didn't experiment too much, because I honestly couldn't think of anything I wanted the toilet seat to do, other than sit there and support my weight. 

Cloudy J

Agreed. Here there's only one thing a warm toilet seat means.

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