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[this is pathetic] You should be ashamed.  This is even worse than the unlistenable Matt & Kim. This is a gateway song to Gwar and Sublime and post-Keith Moon era Who.  And probably Cinnabon, too.


I'm a monster! 


So you get married and now you get all lame. Dude. Seriously?


Are you drooling over Emily Haines now, too?  I have to admit she looked very good in her rockin' little dress at the show.


I'm not actually drooling over her. She's a little severe-looking for me. The songs though, are super catchy. 


It's not my fault the song is good. Blame Metric. 

Cap'n Crook

[this is good] Broken Social Scene is downright unlistenable due to the mere presence of Leslie Feist. One of the worst decisions Emily ever made. But she's human. I forgive her for it.

For future scenarios, will that be wit or wit-out? This is the real side of the angels. Welcome home, Dabysan.


I'm holding the line at Metric in an effort to preserve the fine skin on my knuckles. 

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