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[this is good] If your marriage is even half as good as your wedding mix, then you've got years of happiness and bliss and mushy stuff to look forward to.

Congratulations and thanks for the post.


[this is good]

First of all, many congratulations and here's to many years of happiness and all that crap. ;-)

Great mix.  Did you have someone you knew doing the DJing or was it a paid professional?  because I didn't think paid professionals would play this much cool stuff and not sneak in the chicken dance or the hokey pokey or the macarena. or all of the above.


Awe shucks. The list was all us, courtesy of iTunes and this very laptop. We decided pretty early on to not hire a DJ, in order to maintain complete snooty artistic control. The biggest dance hit of the night was Rubber Band Man.


Good for you!!

Rubberband man is awesome.


It was a good mix, for sure. Although I hear that there were a few songs you couldn't dance to. I wouldn't know anything about that, myself.


In retrospect, Hoover Dam and Ballad of a Comeback Kid were both a) a little long and b) a little hard to dance to. But I figured that Dan Bejar deserved a featured spot on the list, and I forgot how long Hoover Dam was when I put it on there.

Also you danced the night away.


I did no such thing.

Cloudy J

Congrats on getting married!

I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with music that good, so props to you and your new spouse for making something so awesome.


[this is good]

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