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I've been to one of those cenotes-it is pretty awesome.


We heard they were nice. We felt bad about not going for at least 45 seconds or so. 


I hope that the posting of shirtless pictures begins and ends right here.  That's more flesh than I need to see on any of my Vox neighbors.

Nice balance, by the way.  I tried to do a handstand pushup a couple weeks ago and fell on my head.


I must confess.  I zoomed in on your shirtless pic because I was very curious as to your reading material.  Starship Troopers?!


I read three books at the beach (four if you count the Art of War, which I skimmed until I got bored).

- Starship Troopers: I know the title is goofy, but Heinlein plays with some really interesting ideas in the book which is almost nothing like the awesome B movie of the same name.

- The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Because that's what everybody's reading...because it's awesome

- The Subtle Knife: Book two of the Golden Compass.


As for the whole shirtless thing, I should have maybe marked that that "may be offensive" but since you zoomed in on my gut, I'm assuming it didn't bother you that much.


I've thought about reading Starship Troopers because the movie was so embarrassingly awesome, but the other Heinlein I read totally sucked so I gave up on the idea.


I'm not going to try to convince you, but it was a hell of a beach read. 

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