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[this is good]

M*A*S*H and Hawaii Five-0 are two of my favorites.  Also the Munsters, Get Smart, the Jetsons, Mary Tyler Moore, the Odd Couple, Laverne & Shirley, Northern Exposure, and Mad Men.


I'd have to eliminate CHiPs and add Fall Guy (for its overwhelming meta-ness), Greatest American Hero, and Magnum (not the tune they used on the first season, it sucked), with an honorable mention for Laverne and MTM.


Ooooh.  Get Smart.  That's one fantastic opening.


The more I look at it, the more I realize that CHiPs was largely an emotional choice on my part. I loved that show, and that opening always signaled the beginning of an excellent hour of television.

I'm still not able to get fully on board with Fall Guy, because I really don't like the song, but Magnum is a strong contender for this list, as is Laverne and Shirley.


That CHiPs intro suuuuuuhuuuucks.

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