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What happens if i can't check my myspace when we get there lyrics?

Nancy Mitchell

I wondered what happened to "Obsessed"....did you ever find out?


You know that's the sad epilogue of this whole story, I didn't really get a satisfactory answer. One of the sites I saw seemed to indicate that they were casting for a second season, but it didn't seem like a great source. It was such a good show. Hoarders is a poor substitute. 


I just googled "comment war" (with the quotes), and http://dissent.vox.com/ currently shows up on page 10.


Oooh. We're gonna get that on page 3 before this whole thing is over. 


If Jodi doesn't start posting more I may have to switch teams.  What are you playing for?  Pie or cupcakes?


I'm playing mostly for glory, and a post extolling my virtues, but my pastry inducement will be pie. However, I like to think of myself as an open-minded dessert lover. And I love cupcakes. 


Benedict Cranky.


i know, i know, I'm just kidding.  It's early days, we have plenty of time to clog up the comments section over there.  I am just easily bored I guess.


"why" and "why don't" are usually good ones, too...

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