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[this is good] I suggest this feature be renamed LOLtibs.


I think a secondary feature called "LOLtibs" will surely be forthcoming.

"Tibs," for the uninitiated, are what we call daisy's many warts and bumps.


[this is good]

Awwwww she is cute.  I love pugs.

You and Jodi may want to rename this Comment War: Cats vs. Dogs.  or, dog, I guess. These are the posts that are likely to get the most comments, at least from a lot the neighborhood people we have in common.  I met most of my hoodies over at CuteOverload.


Haha, I don't know if cats v. dogs is a good idea, given the breakdown of Vox pet owners. Besides, we like cats, but Daisy is not what you might call the sharing type. 


It's not quantity, it's quality (of content, I mean, not comments of course).  Elvis is an internet superstar, he has converted many a non-chihuahua lover in my cat-lover-heavy neighborhood. 

I shouldn't be over here giving non KttD related tips.


Well I appreciate it anyway. I'm going to need the support of my fellow voxers to stand a chance in this Comment War. 


If it comes down to Daisy vs. Jodi's cats, Jodi doesn't stand a chance.  Daisy is the best.


[this is good] Hmm. You don't know me, but I came over here because someone in my hood clicked on something over here that turned out to be a cute picture of a pug. I may keep coming back to see if there are more cute pictures of dogs and cats. Just sayin: crankythepants knows whereof she speaks.


Thanks for visiting!

And I know better than to ignore Cranky's advice. Daisy is going to be making a regular appearance in these pages, I promise. 

Cloudy J

[this is good] Aww, she's adorable! I like this feature very much.

Nancy Mitchell

[this is good] I'd like to know the "shithead" story....  :)


Don't let that adorable mug fool you, she can be awfully bossy. Also, she is of the opinion that other dogs should not be allowed to ... well, breathe. 

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