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I've heard more of that song than I ever need to again. Back in my college days, Michigan State played USC in the Sun Bowl in El Paso (and Mr & Mrs Lurkertype were actually at that game, which I think is cool). Anyway - they shipped the MSU band by bus. It was miserable. Two days each way, 300 people, 8 buses, two overnights in Little Rock.

The first time the bus driver played "El Paso" was funny. Around the 40th time I was pretty much done with it. 


I'm still debating whether or not I need to pack a fancy evening dress for the occasion. Or my beauty pageant costume.


I'm embracing the humiliation that goes with karaoke. I'm not a singer at all, but I'm a glutton for attention even if it's negative. :-P


Ooooh. A pageant costume would be pretty good. Though I wouldn't wear anything to which you have too much emotional attachment. The Rock It is kinda grimy. 


I bought my silver sequined strapless pageant dress at a drag queen garage sale for $5. I have invested some money in the dry cleaning of said dress, though. 


Maybe I'll rent a tux for the occasion.


Well you'll be overdressed, but magnificently so. I say bring it. 


oh yeah --- we don't want you breaking the rules and being disqualified.
good luck!


Thank you! I think I've got a really powerful slate of songs shaping up for this competition, thanks to all of you. I might be back in contention. 


In the city itself, people are so heartily sick of it, I don't think I ever heard it except in srsly touristy contexts, and even then, only a verse or two. Accompanied by an eye-roll from the natives.


My vote is for 'My Heart Will Go On', but only if you promise to sing it with all the emotion and breathiness that Celine gives it.  Wouldn't hurt to beat your own chest a few times during the performance either, in true Celine style.  It's unbearable to watch when she does it...so you doing it would be that much worse.

That Billy Joel song is the dead end.  You'll lose the audience for sure.  They won't want to punch you because they will have stopped noticing that you're even singing.  Plus, the gaps in the actual singing feel like a cop out.  It's long, but you won't even be singing a lot of the time. 


Thanks for your vote. If Celine wins (she'll need to stage a late rally) I swear that I will emote with the best of them. From a purely vocal standpoint, I think this might be the toughest song, but I think "Scenes" still has potential...and I promise that nobody will ever forget when I'm on stage. 

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