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One of my favorite things about karaoke season is all the opportunities I get to correct you.  So here we go:

9. The performance that cemented me as the winningest champion in KttD history was "Wild Boys", because that victory put me one up on everybody else.  Maybe you should look up what winningest means.

4. You actually have Matyas' performances backwards.  "Barracuda" wasn't as bad as "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)"

3. "Wild Boys" was not a b-side.  Actually it was one of Duran Duran's biggest hits.  It reached #2.

2. As bad as "Sussudio" was, Emma's performace the following year (which inexplicably does not make this list) of "Somebody's Baby" was much, much worse.  It deserves a spot here.  Let's remove "If You Leave Me Now" to make room for it.

1. Bill's first song choice was "Rawhide" he sang "Paradise City" in KttD II and failed to make an impression on the voters.  And he didn't start doing the Jaegermeister shots until the evening, because he spent the day driving home from church camp.

Unmentioned: Peter's rendition of "Hello" was awful too.  It deserves a spot here.  Let's kick off "Killing Me Softly" to make room.

And you got the order all wrong.  So here's the revised - and correct - list:

10. Bohemian Rhapsody
9. The Lady in Red
8. Barracuda
7. Hello
6. No One
5. Sussudio
4. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)
3. Somebody's Baby
2. Wild Boys
1. Private Dancer


So how much are we supposed to have prepared/practiced? Do we need to have our songs ahead of time to make sure the karaoke DJ has them? How many songs are we supposed to sing? Is there a rule sheet somewhere?

I don't want to fly across the country only to be DQ-ed. It would be like those sad Olympic stories about the boxer from a tiny country getting stuck in traffic on the bus from the Olympic Village. Those stories make me cry.


I'm prepared a FAQ to be posted tonight.


Frankly, I think you should be happy the judges ranked Wild Boys so highly, since I think it was more of a lifetime achievement nod for your fine career. Matayas may actually belong in the three spot. 


There really aren't all that many rules, and it's virtually impossible to be DQed unless you're willfully cheating. The substance abuse policy is also very liberal. 


Sweet. I'm in. I just need to buy a plane ticket. And maybe beg someone for a lift from (or to) BWI, although the public transport option could be a fun adventure.

Looking forward to some Yuengling, bad singing and general frivolity!


[this is good]

AmyH:  I heard, though, that previously winning songs are disqualified

fake homebody

I enjoyed reading this list, and this comment counts.


Whew! None of the songs I want to sing are in there. I'm golden!

I also plan on preparing for battle by not preparing anything ahead of time. I may even pick songs I don't even know, just for the challenge of finding the appropriate melody or pitch.

As if I can find the right pitch, anyway. I'm great on the saxophone, but I can't sing in tune for the life of me. 


I must warn you that the not-knowing-the-song gambit usually doesn't work. When you know it, you can really mangle it, but when you don't, you're sometimes too busy staring at the screen to devote your full vocal attention to the performance. 


Once you hear me sing, you'll be hoping for less than my full vocal attention. 


That's preposterous.  Matyas deserves to be on the list twice, but not ahead of the second greatest moment in the glorious history of KttD.


I'll second Daby's opinion that songs the singer doesn't know well usually don't fare too well.  But to each their own.


Hey this is weird.  This post (the first of Comment War?) didn't show up in my neighborhood feed.

I am truly shitting myself with KttD fear.  I have so many questions and concerns.  My main question is this: If I can get buzzed on two beers and drunk on three, how many should I drink to get sufficiently prepared to sing in front on a bunch of people I sort of know and a gang of scary townies?

(I will hit on inanimate objects after 6 beers, so I hope it's less than that.)


I'm a nondrinker, so take this with a grain of salt, but I'm going to say that your magic number is five (5) beers.

I will say that self-shitting fear can be a really effective tool in developing your performance.

For what it's worth, I wrote the KttD substance abuse policy which reads: "Abusing substances is highly encouraged."

Also, we need to get that feed thing fixed. Comment war is upon us and we all need to come in on the side of rightness and truth.


Regarding the feed, this post is showing up in it now, but it wasn't there when it was originally posted.  I don't understand how it works.  I sometimes have to go to Hotrod's actual Vox to read his posts as they don't show up in the feed either.

How many people can we expect in the building for KttD?


It's a very popular bar (among ex- and pre- cons), so figure 150-200 people total. The KttD contingent will be about 30-40. Nobody's been hit by a townie yet, but if you do get assaulted as a direct result of your performance, you automatically win. 


I haven't had time yet to write my KttD FAQ post, but look for it very soon.  Many - if not most - of your questions should be answered there.  And yes - five beers is your magic number.


I've decided not to do my "I Coulda Been a Contender" series again this year.  You've pretty much covered all the bases here.


FAQ still coming?


Yes.  Tomorrow, definitely.


All right.  FAQ is up.

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