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How about trying to get featured on the Explore page the most often? That way you can get people to shill your stuff and send it in to the Vox editor.  I mean they will feature anything on there, it shouldn't be hard. (ha I missed your reference to that in the post when I first read it)

If you do the tandem writing project you should think about setting up a group page for easy reading.


I think you and Jodi should meet up and compete in the First (and Last) Annual Vox Olympics where you try to best each other in feats of strength and whatnot.  You could have a bake-off and then throw darts and maybe compete in some sort of wrestling.  It would be lots of fun for everyone involved.

And then maybe Hotrod and Jodi could meet (if they haven't already) and someone could take a picture of them together.  I've often mentioned to Homebody that I'd pay $50 for a framed photo of those two together.


I think you should post bake-off recipes.

I also think you should lure Jodi to KttD.


I really strongly support all of your recommendations, but none of them get me to write more, which -- in addition to beating the stuffing out of Jodi -- is one of the key goals of these challenges. 


I think Hotrod's idea is good.  You and Jodi should go forward with a similar challenge as last year's, but with bonus points for legitimate comments that result from your posts.  Let's face it...it's really not that difficult to post one or two posts each week.  You both can probably do that without any problems.  If you add the comments into the picture, then it should encourage you not only to post, but to post good, interesting stuff that's engaging to your hundreds of internet followers.

And on a separate note, I'd like to see you two write up a series of Vox Interview posts where one of you acts like a reporter and asks the other questions.  I think this derives from my long-held desire to be interviewed for something.  Nobody's ever bothered to interview me, though.

Or maybe the two of you could be given weekly or monthly assignments where you have to write a post about a given topic.  I hate to suggest it, but maybe something like the QotD.  Your results would, of course, be judged by a panel of blogging experts.

Or maybe you two could just quit Vox outright and go poke each other on Facebook.


I think you're onto something here. I like the idea of having a specific topic. With so many blogs (I think I'm at six or so) to update, I often run out of ideas.

I also like the comments idea.

So maybe we blend those too in some way, shape, or form.

And, we have to be careful in drawing up the rules. I know that Daby's got a few people who have a vested interest in me losing and I wouldn't put it past his crafty wife and his evil BFF to inflate his comments just to push him over the top.


Now I'm all excited.


Didn't Homebody interview you?


Oh yeah, for Ted Leo.  I forgot about that.


You know what - I'm willing to have my comments disregarded as well, if that seems more fair.

The greatest post in the history of Vox is M-----l's beard post last year.  Not only did it spawn a thousand comments, but it inspired about a dozen other highly-commented-upon posts as well as at least two alternate identities.  That's the kind of thing this challenge needs.  Something that really gives Vox2010 a swift kick in the ass.  Also, it allows for multiple strategies.  Do you carpet bomb Vox with daily posts and hope that the sheer quantity will win out?  Or do you post some ridiculous indefensible opinion like "brownies are better than pie" and hope that will generate a heated argument?  I like Facebook and all, but it's way more fun arguing about something other than, you know, what I had for lunch or how disappointed I am that it's Monday again.

The quantity-post challenge is boring because it inspires a whole lot of "this post fulfills the requirements of the challenge" posts - of which no one was more guilty down the stretch than I.


Nobody has ever called me crafty before! That's so awesome!


The girl is crafty like ice is cold!


I'm on to you Nation. If it weren't for your meddling, I'd be dining on brownies right now!


I meant to mention before, but forgot - I really like Cranky's idea of getting featured on the Explore page.  I think a combination of that and the comments could be a lot of fun.  Especially since I would have won both in 2009.


Well I feel good about this (the comments from this post count, right?). Expect a first draft of rules presently. 


No the comments from this post don't count. Why you gotta be cheating all the time?


i want to see the Tandem Writing Project.
Perils of Pauline, here you go.


maybe you should have a contest of your own!

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