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How is a song by a forgettable band a gimmick?


The Lemonheads aren't nearly as terrible as you think.  They can be poppy and fun if you give them a chance.

(I think we're on the wrong post here.  Jodi won't like this at all.)


I don't think he said "terrible" but rather "forgettable." They're music isn't nearly memorable enough to be terrible. 


Raisins in a chocolate bar?  Stop it.  It disturbs me and it hurts Ms. Pants deeply.

I agree with the love for a Snickers bar, but what about Baby Ruth?  I believe it has more peanuts, and if that's true, it might be a threat to the Snickers' status.


I can't imagine the Lemonheads being an important part of anyone's life, but I bought a couple of their discs last year and enjoyed them.  I would describe them as neither "terrible" nor "forgettable".  They were a decent pop band and have aged better than many of their contemporaries.

And I've heard that Evan Dando hates Snickers.  


I really touched a nerve including two bars with raisins on my top 10. Am I the only one who appreciates their chewy, sweet counterpoint to nuts and chocolate? I mean Raisinettes were once a popular candy. Has the whole world gone mad?

As for Baby Ruth, I considered its inclusion, but I gotta be honest, I find the peanut ratio to be a little too high. The other thing is, eating a Baby Ruth feels like a workout. I don't know what industrial grade epoxy they put in those things, but I like my sugary confections to require a little bit less effort out of me.


In all honesty, clicking that link on Jodi's vox was the first time I'd even heard the Lemonheads since the 90s, and I didn't pay all that much attention to them then either. It all seems pretty meh to me, but maybe there are hidden gems I'm missing.

Also, Evan Dando is as wrong about Snickers as you are.


The longer the candy-eating workout is, the longer the candy lasts.  I believe that including fruit in any dessert is wrong and makes the sweet too sweet.  Nuts and a touch of saltiness are key.

A Snickers bar is varied and sublime and doesn't possess fruit.


That entire era is forgettable.  It's sad that the band with the most lasting legacy is Pearl Jam.


Well clearly I agree with you on Snickers, which are indisputably great. But I really am on an island with the fruit thing. In my opinion, the more textural variations in a candy bar, the better. 


I was in a coffee shop today, and swear to god, "It's a Shame About Ray" came on. It is a very annoying song. To make this relevant to the current post, I will conclude by saying that lemonheads the candy are way too sour.


The most memorable thing about the Lemonheads for me was that when he lived in Alexandria, Vrabel had an ongoing project called "Lemonhead." It was a play about our housemate Roy, and the name came from "It's A Shame About Roy" and the fact that Roy did many, many stupid things.

I love Lemonheads the candy.  I like things that are sour.  Go figure.


Lemonheads gave me ulcers in my mouth the one time I bought a box of them.  They were so sour I had to place them in my lower lip in front of my teeth to enjoy them. I'm a wimp when it comes to sour or spicy hot.

Aubrey is a very, very wise woman, you shold listen to her.

If you like fruit in your chocolate, you mustn't like chocolate very much.


I gotta say - as a dedicated member of Team Jodi, I find her continued radio silence in this corner of the Voxosphere more than a little distressing.  Last time this came up she blamed it on the KttD posts, but this one is right in her wheelhouse.  I don't want to spend 2011 hearing Daby bitch and moan about how she violated the spirit of the challenge after she wins.


A few corrections:

Snickers are perfectly good candy bars, but not good enough to deserve the number one spot.

You left the Take Five and the Clark bar off the list entirely.  Two blatant errors.

Raisins and fruit do not belong in any candy bar.

Why would anyone ever want dark chocolate when milk chocolate is available?

The Kit Kat deserves a much higher ranking on the list!  Give me a break!



All but one of the bars on this list are milk chocolate varietals. In the case of the Milky Way, it tastes super boring without the slight bitterness of dark chocolate.

Take 5 is kind of a Johnny Come Lately. I need to see if it stands the test of time.

The Fifth Avenue is better than the Clark.

Kit Kat might deserve a slot or two higher, but I still contend that it is not remarkable enough to go much higher.

And as for raisisn, I'm beginning to understand that I'm on a bit of an island here, a product of a bygone age.


Jodi is a cheater. This has been well established. 


I love chocolate. I just also like textural variety, although I'm starting to feel like it's me against the world on the raisin front. 


I think your raisin stance falls squarely into category #5...the 0.5% when you are actually wrong.

Take 5 will stand the test of time.  It has all the necessary elements - chocolate, caramel, peanuts and peanut butter, plus pretzel.  How about that for variety and texture...What's not to love?

Milky Way, in any variety, does not make the top ten.


I'm starting to feel like it's me against the world on the raisin front.

That's because you're wrong.


yeah, where IS Jodi in all this?  quid pro quo Clarice.


It's a cynical bid to keep my comments down -- despite the fact that we made a provision that comments by each other don't count. Jodi is cutthroat.

I'll still comment on her blog, though, cause I'm a good sport like that.


God, there's nothing worse than a sanctimonious Dabysan.  Let's hope Jodi gets her shit together and starts commenting.


In the past, I haven't been much of a candy bar eater, so I felt I couldn't really add much to the discussion. However, in the six months or so, I've become addicted to Ritter Sport bars, specifically Dark Whole Hazelnuts

I'm not sure if they're sold in the US, but if are, try one! They even have a bar with raisins and hazelnuts.


I'm not sure if I've ever had a Ritter Sport, but I do know that there's a kind of a cult around them, and the one with raisins and hazelnuts would be the one for me. 

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