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Since you're singing Billy Joel, I'm calling dibs on Celine Dion.  This has worked out pretty well.  For me.


I voted for the Jesus/God ticket.  congratulations to the winner.

there will be recordings. no?


I can feel my ears bleeding already.


I really thought the Jesus/God ticket had legs, but the populace has spoken, and I still think I have a very, very strong slate. And yes. There will be recordings. God help us. 


Laurie's ears are bleeding, and my stomach is churning.  The backlash is starting already, yet I still feel that this will be epic.  Thank goodness for recordings.


I think it was an excellent choice. If I win with it, I'm going to dedicate the cup to the people of Vox. 


[this is good] This will be 7 minutes and 32 seconds of audio hell.  I can't wait.

(What's this about recordings?  Please tell me you're just talking audio here.)


Only audio.  We film video, but extract the audio track.  I'm not willing to post video of myself, so there is no way I would post video of others.


[this is good] A solid choice.  This song is wordy as shit and the vocals are all over the place which creates a high probability of trainwreckedness.


The man himself! Good to have you back in the voxosphere. I need all the help I can get for this Comment War. 


I've dialed in for the KttD X hype.  It's the equivalent of the week-long Super Bowl media events.

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