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They did an Alice week on Contrariwise a few weeks ago. You might dig it.


Anything Alice, I'm a fan of, though I haven't seen the new 3D Alice-stravaganza yet. 


It's funny, there's a person on that page with a tattoo of this drawing and it looks kinda crappy, like someone was trying to make the Cat look too sinister. Show's the danger of this sort of thing. 


The cat looked so sinister I didn't think it was the same one you posted.


The Cheshire Cat is supposed to have a muted air of menace, but he isn't supposed to be demonic. He's still one of my all-time favorite literary characters. 


I was never much of an Alice person. I tried to read Through the Looking Glass when I was a kid but it didn't hold my attention. I don't know if I have an allt-ime favorite literary character, though as a child I was really partial to Beezus Quimby and Peter Hatcher.


my dad has the chesire cat on his chest!

i always remember it from when i was lil.

after i got my first tattoo at 18, my mom and the other women in her office went to get tattoos together. she was in her mid-late 40's lol


That's awesome. Is it based on the Tenniel drawing?


I just spent about 15 minutes going through those literary tattoos.  Wow.  Some of those are just awful.

Here's what I wonder...what are these font tattoos going to look like in a few years?  I went into a Chicago parlor in about 1997 or so with all my words and font picked out.  The tattoo guy said that you have to go really large with words or else they bleed into each other and become indecipherable surprisingly quickly.  Some of those tattoos on the lit site are in a very tiny font and I think that's probably going to happen to them.  I certainly hope it happens to that fool who wrote half of Fight Club on his chest.

I'm glad I took the tattoo guy's advice.  I would hate to be 35 and have James Joyce words written on my arms.


Tattoos are gross.  Consider yourself lucky not to have given in to a retarded impulse.


i'm sure it is, he's probably had it as long, or longer than i've been alive! 


I thought I was being super original. Does it look good?


i havent seen it in a long time, my dad's like,  60 something now I believe lol...

no tattoo is ever going to be original, unless you completely make it up yourself... but it's rare you'll run into someone with the *exact* same thing, unless you pick it off the wall in the shop...


I figure if you don't go Beardsley, you should go Tenniel.

But not the Jabberwock, my son?


The Jabberwocky is a fantastic picture, but the Cheshire Cat is my favorite character. "We're all mad here."

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