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I know that the cat's food dish is violating one of the rules by not being on the floor where Daisy can get to it. I know this because I have caught her barking at the dish twice.


I really really think I am better off not knowing what Elvis would say to me if he could speak English.


I'd like to hear what Lucy's voice would sound like if she were a person.  I'm thinking sultry.


I'd love to be able to hear how my oldest cat brings the other cats in line.


My cat Wembley does speak! (and no I'm not crazy.) She has a little old lady voice. She says "no!" when she doesn't want me to give her her meds. She yells "i wuv you!" when she realizes I've left the apartment (but I'm still in the hallway outside, so I can hear her yelling it). And she says "hewwo!" when I come home from work at night, and when she's smacking me on the face at night, trying to wake me up for noms or loves. &:o)
When I give her food she doesn't like, she doesn't need to say a word. The look she gives me says it all. . .

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