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I like how they can play all their instruments without moving their bodies.  They must have the ability to control objects with their brains.


That must be why their hooks are so good. It's all telekenesis. 


I don't think I made it all the way to the hooks.  I got thrown off as soon as I realized it wasn't really a video.  I turned it off, but I'll try again.


Pretend like its audio and go read something else while you're listening. The actual music video to the song is pretty good, but I'm guessing its not embeddable. 


That's what I did (listened while I read something else).  I think it's a pretty good song, but there's something about the vocals that I don't care for.  They seem kind of tinny and distant to me.  Of course, I'm listening off a YouTube video...not exactly high end audio there.

I give your new find a 7.5 on a scale of ten.


I agree with your take on the vocals and their place in the mix.  I'd give this a rating of "not terrible," which - frankly - is pretty good for music I read about first here,

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