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[this is good] Wow, your job is really getting you around.  that's cool.  I'm jealous you are going to Lithuania, that's where some of my peeps are from, though we don't know a whole lot about that side of the family. and I don't know a word of Lithuanian.


I'm excited about it. It's supposed to be a really nice place to visit. My peeps are Italian and Irish, hence the high placement on the wish list.

The funny thing about all of this is that I'm afraid of flying. My status on united is 1K yet every time I get on a plane I still get nervous.


The actual flying part is the easiest and least stressful part of flying, for me.  I hate everything leading up to it, I did even before 9/11, the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, etc.  I flew to/from Chicago last week on Southwest, where it's first come first served pick your own seats, so on the way home I was in the last group to be seated so I went in the first seat I found, which was between 2 normal sized men around 50.  I said, can I squeeze in here? You guys would probably rather have a woman in here...(of fairly small size,than a giant guy, i didn't get around to saying) and the one guy said, yeah, we had about 3 or 4 guys walk by who were about 300 pounds each, and I said, and I appreciate that you aren't screaming children.  And the other guy said, "oh, just wait till we take off!" haha...thankfully he was indeed joking, he fell asleep soon after takeoff. knock particleboard I have been very lucky when flying.


Because of my frequent flier status I now get bumped into First Class quite often, which, I must say, improves the experience. Still scary though. 

Cody McKibben at Thrilling Heroics

[c’est top] Rad list man! Great job to have. People should realize that most travel is SO much cheaper than you think, and you should pursue a chance to do long-term slow travel. I've been living in Asia for 1.5 years for example, and a lot of the expense and headache of air travel is removed when you're out here, plus it's dead cheap to live in Thailand, Laos, or a thousand other places out here.

You'll LOVE Thailand when you come Dabysan, here's a guide I wrote on my site after being here for a while: 27 Tips for First-Time Travelers to Thailand

Also, do a search for my buddy Chris Guillebeau's Frequent Flyer Master guide for what to do with those miles if you're interested.

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