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[this is good] He obviously didn't see that glass sitting there.

Cryin' for the Dyin'

Hello..I believe my cats notice when something has my attention..they take notes and when they want that attention they will..change the channel on the T.V...(I thought this was accidental until repeated at different times)..walking on my Desktop Keyboard..walking on my piano..getting between me and text in a book..newspaper..or whatever..Koala our 20 yr. old cat..knows her dish..finds it..and taps it when she is hungry..if we do not repsond she knocks it over..like loud crashy over..that is when I have to remember how wonderful she is..how stress relieving..how unqualified her love and fearless her sense of family and territory..they are great..Peace Tony


If you can knock it onto the floor, it is officially A Cat Toy, no matter what it was before.  All cats know this.

The way he walks off at the end of the video is the epitome of "my work here is done."


The look on Daisy's face as she walks by is pretty choice too. 


he walks by rather. 


[this is good] Aww, Daisy. She's probably wondering why she never got away with such tomfoolery. 


clearly why didn't I think of that.


Daisy is the real victim here.  That cat sucks.


Daisy is not much of an athlete these days. Though Pablo will humor her by letting her almost catch him sometimes. 

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